Product Market Fit Is Critical for Growth

From Winning By Design

From Winning By Design

I've been reading about Go To Market strategies and the best marketing plans and product development and the list goes on. One thing I keep coming across is the topic of Product/Market fit. 

Winning by Design has a great reference for why Growth matters in the SaaS industry and I particularly liked their thoughts on Product/Market Fit: 

Keys to growth you have to identify during Product/Market Fit:

  1. WHAT is the value proposition that prioritizes the solution offered
  2. WHO is the audience that has a real problem and is willing to take action
  3. HOW to get to the audience with the real problem in an efficient and effective way

If you don't clearly establish Product/Market fit, when you Go To Market, your rate of growth will decrease significantly. 

What else? What other thought do you have on establishing the What, Who and How of your market?