Plywood Presents 2017


Today (and yesterday evening) I attended a conference called Plywood Presents.  I might as well lay all the cards on the table now and say if you didn't attend this event, you MIGHT have missed out on lots of gold nuggets...and I do mean LOTS! 

The main expectations I went into this event with were to learn and to be inspired. Consider my expectations met. I met AMAZING new people, was challenged in my thought process and learned from fearless people doing epic work. These leaders included: 

  • Joel Cohen—Emmy Award Winning Writer for The Simpsons
  • CJ Casciotta — Writer, Director and Make Believer
  • Flynn Coleman—Human Rights Attorney and Founder of Malena
  • Dallas Clayton—Children's Book Author, Illustrator, and Muralist
  • Mimi Valdes— Chief Creative Officer, i am OTHER & Executive Producer of Hidden Figures
  • Horst Schulze—Former President of The Ritz Carlton: Luxury Hotels and Resorts
  • Jeff Shinabarger—Founder of Plywood Presents
  • Christena Cleveland—Social Psychologist, Author & Professor @ Duke University Divinity School
  • Jason and Danica Russell—Creators of Invisible Children, Founders of a Little Radical
  • Eryn Erickson—Founder of So Worth Loving
  • Branden Harvey—Storyteller, Photographer, Founder of Sounds Good Podcast & Good Newsletter
  • Inky Johnson—Inspirational Speaker, Former University of Tennessee Football Player
  • Kaiwei Tang—A designer and entrepreneur, Creator of Light phone

I'm can't wait to share more about what I've learned from these genuine people, but until then, I'll share two big takeaways from the event; 

Everything you
work for
is possible


The Future
is Good