What good was, is, and will be?

Photo by Plywood Presents

Photo by Plywood Presents

I had a good conversation today with a friend about happiness and whether or not happiness is the end-all, be-all goal of living.* When riding the train to my next meeting, my thoughts casually flowed onto the topic of goodness

I'm not sure if this is how it works for most people, but for me, when one topic/theme/idea comes to my mind, it seems to show up EVERYWHERE around me.

Case and point: 

  • I was listening to a sermon recently about Good vs. Evil. 
  • I've recently chatted about what it means to "be good" (in a conversation NOT initiated by me). 
  • ...and at a recent event I attended, Jeff Shinabarger talked a lot about the Future Being Good

Because "good" really is all around me right now, I thought it quite appropriate that today I write about one of Jeff's points. One question he challenged attendees to answer was: 

What can I edit today that may help create a better tomorrow? 

So, what do you say? Do you know what you'd edit? What do I say? Honestly, I'm still trying to think about it. I've decided I want to take this seriously and three questions I'm going to ask myself every day this week to figure it out are: 

  1. What good has happened? 
  2. What good is happening? 
  3. What good will happen? 

Feel free to also join me! Whether you're on the train on your morning commute or taking an afternoon snack break, I'd encourage you to think through these questions and dwell on how you can make a better tomorrow. I do believe that our future is GOOD, but it will take our continued effort and investment to make it that way. 

Wish me luck!  

*While this isn't the topic I'm writing about today, I'd love to talk more about this with anyone who's interested.